Psychological factors and their relation with performance in women's Olympic wrestling

PURPOSE: It is scientifically proved that the psychological profile (spiritual power) of the wrestler has the same and even more importance with the natural characteristics of the athlete. Purpose of this research is to define the psychological factors that affect the performance in modern women’s Olympic wrestling. METHOD: One hundred elite female wrestlers from 13 different countries participated voluntering in this research (n=100) , their ages were between 18 and 29 years old and they participated in the «Dan Kolov-Nikola Petrov» tournament that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria and in the Hitit University championship that took place in Corum, Turkey in 2016. The athletes were asked to complete a specially designed, closed-type questionnaire consisted of 13 questions with 16 variables. Each question was related to a specific psychological characteristic, that can contribute in wrestling performance. The questionnaire was translated into four languages (English, French, Russian and Bulgarian) and a seven point scale was used to record the answer. The reliability of the questionnaire was tested with Cronbach coefficient alpha=0.82. The descriptive statistics and factor analysis were used for statistical analysis of data. RESULTS: The results of this study showed that in most athletes will, self-confidence, tactics, concentration, calmness and aggression were the most important and decisive factors for high performance. Regarding the Emotional intelligence and perception, the mood and passion women have positively increased indicators while the rapid alternation of emotions and adaptation to the realities indicators, are significantly lower. These findings can be very useful for coaches and scientists in their continuous efforts to improve performance in the women's Olympic wrestling.
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Subjects: wrestling high performance sport freestyle wrestling female competition psychoregulation sport psychology tactics performance factor psychic process interview
Notations: social sciences combat sports
Published in: International scientific and professional conference on wrestling: "Applicable research in wrestling”
Editors: M. Baic, P. Drid, W. Starosta, D. Curby, H. Karnincic
Published: Novi Sad 2017
Series: Library series: Vol. 40
Pages: 163-166
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