The impact of rapid weight loss (4%) on leptin, adiponectin, and insulin resistance in elite adult free style wrestlers

BACKGROUND: The effect of rapid weight loss program on adipocytokines is not yet clear. Therefore the aim of the present study was the effect of rapid weight loss (4%) on leptin, adiponectin, and insulin resistance in elite free style wrestlers. METHODS: For this purpose, fifteen young freestyle wrestlers (weight 67.6±0.8, BMI 22.5±0.21 kg/m², body fat percent 6.12±0.18, waist to hip circumference ratio 0.82±0.08) in two weight categories (60 and 66 kg) were randomly selected. Caloric intake (mean 7 days measured by Food analyzer software) measured at 1 week before weight loss program by standard methods. Wrestlers performed a week rapid weight loss (average of 4% of body weight loss) protocol by caloric and water restriction by 60% (600-700 kcal per day), under the supervision of their coach. Anthropometric characteristics, leptin, adiponectin and insulin resistance were measured before and 12 and 36 hours after rapid weight loss program. RESULTS: Rapid weight loss program with 4% of weight loss had a significantly reduced impact on anthropometric factors; leptin level, insulin resistance, and increased beta cell function, while the changes of adiponectin were not significant after rapid weight loss. CONCLUSIONS: Findings of this study shows that rapid weight loss program significantly decreased leptin, L/A ratio and HOMA-IR, without significant changes on adiponectin levels. These changes may have harmful physiological effects on wrestlers' bodies but they can be useful to regulate of fatty acid, glucose metabolism, and insulin resistance.
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Subjects: wrestling freestyle wrestling weight body indices regulation relation hormone
Notations: biological and medical sciences combat sports
DOI: 10.23736/S0022-4707.16.06004-7
Published in: The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
Published: 2017
Volume: 57
Issue: 4
Pages: 434-440
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced