Integrated mindfulness-based intervention to enhance performance-relevant psychological skills of elite badminton players

While the application of mindfulness in the sport domain and its enhancement has exploded in recent years, mindfulness-based intervention programs for elite performers need further development and validation with the scientific rigor, appropriate openness, and sport-specific relevance (Sappington & Longshore, 2015). This study aimed to design an integrated program, drawn heavily on the MAC approach (Gardner & Moore, 2007), that suited the characteristics of the elite athletes and the specific demands of badminton. Specifically, the purpose was to evaluate the efficacy of an integrated mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) on the self-regulation attentional skills and performance of elite badminton players. 25 young elite badminton players from two French Badminton Federation’s National Training Centres were recruited for this study. They were assigned either to the experimental group (MBI program; n = 13, Mage = 16.15, SDage = 1.34) or to the active control group (Relaxation program; n = 12, Mage = 16.58, SDage = 1.24). All participants completed the online questionnaire (Mindfulness Inventory for Sport, Thought Occurrence Questionnaire for Sport, subjective performance) one week before the intervention (lasting 8 weeks) and two weeks after the end of it. The results of MANOVA yielded a significant multivariate effect of the intervention on the delta scores of self-regulation attentional skills (Wilk’s = .35, F(6, 18) = 5.57, p < .01, partial ?2 = .65). The results of univariate ANOVAs indicated that delta scores of refocusing (F (1, 23) = 4.03, p = .06) and task-irrelevant thoughts (F (1, 23) = 13.05, p < .01) differed significantly across the two programs. MBI may be a useful mental training intervention for improving self-regulation attentional skills. Considering that elite sport is quite different from other contexts, applying and integrating mindfulness-based interventions that successfully meet the demands of elite athletes and sport seems crucial. Integrated mindfulness-based intervention to enhance performance-relevant psychological skills of elite badminton players. Available from: [accessed Aug 7, 2017].
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Subjects: badminton psychoregulation training psychic characteristics cognition skill high performance sport elite sport perception
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Published: Sevilla 2017
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