Is there a difference by sex in simple reaction time and impulsivity in Junior Brazilian Judo Team athletes?

Background & Study Aim: The simple reaction time and impulsivity are variables that contribute to the athlete’s performance in combat sports. However, little is known about the behaviour of these two variables in relation to elite athletes in judo. Thus, the aim of this study was to knowledge whether there was a difference in simple reaction time and impulsivity in athletes of the Junior Brazilian Judo Team from different sexes. Material and Methods: The mean and standard deviation by two groups of Junior Brazilian Judo Team in 2016 were compared: 17 male athletes (18.5 ±6.8 years); 17 female athletes (18.9 ±7.5 years). The reaction time (RT), time of movement (TM) and response time (Tres) were measured by the Reaction Test (RT/S1), present in the Vienna Test System SPORTS® (VTS). To measure the general impulsiveness and its dimensions (second-order factors: attentional, motor, non-planning) the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11) was used (scored in points). The statistical procedures used were mean, standard deviation and the tests of Shapiro Wilk, the independent Student t-test and the effect size (p<0.05). Results: The result were: RT (males 271 ±41 ms, females 268 ±51 ms); TM (males 126 ±31 ms, females 134 ±41 ms); Tres (males 396 ±65 ms, females 401 ±75 ms); BIS-11 (points): impulsivity general (males 59 ±6, females 62 ±10); attentional (males 16 ±3, females 17 ±4); motor (males 19 ±3, females 18 ±4); non planning (males 25 ±3, females 26 ±4). Concerning sex comparison, no significant differences were verified for any variable. Conclusions: The simple reaction time and impulsiveness have similar values in comparison to sex between men and women who were summoned to the national team. This indicating that this level of the yield of these two variables are quite homogeneous by sex, considering the high trainability of these athletes and the degree of requirement of sports in which they train and compete.
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Subjects: judo sex reaction speed emotion male female
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Published in: Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports
Published: 2017
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