The use of cardio training facilities in training 7-9 year old judo athletes

Background & Study Aim: The experts believe that the development of a complex of modern means and methods for improving the general fitness of athletes should take into account the peculiarities of their adaptation to physical activity. The aim of this study is knowledge about effectiveness of cardio training facilities use to improve the physical and functional preparedness of judo athletes at the initial stage of training. Material & Methods: The study involved the 36 boys (19 were divided into control /CG/ and 17 experimental /EG/ groups; age 7-9 years old who are engaged in judo at the initial stage of training. The study was conducted at the initial training stage (the general preparatory phase, convergent with the duration of the annual training cycle, i.e. 10 months): 260 hours of training sessions; 166 hours for general physical training; 41 hour for special physical training; 40 hours for technical and tactical training; 7 hours for the preparation and delivery of standards for general and special exercises. The control of pulse mode was carried out with the use of sensors «Polar». Results: Judo athletes of the EG recorded a significant increase in the integral indicators of the level of physical preparedness (4 times more against the CG), the functional state of the cardiovascular (2 times respectively) and respiratory system of the body (2 times, respectively). It has been established that training sessions with the use of cardio training facilities should be allocated for 2 training sessions per week. Duration of the trainings must be 20 minutes in the first 2 months of the preparatory period and 25 minutes in the following months of this period. The main activity (essense) of cardio training should be the physical load of aerobic orientation in the amount of 3-4 series for 5 minutes each. The rest interval is 2 minutes. Conclusions: The use of cardio training methods in judo training process helps to improve their physical and functional readiness and to increase the efficiency of the training process.
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Subjects: child judo training training method training means general athletic training aerobic beginners' training
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Published in: Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports
Published: 2017
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