The science of judo

The Science of Judo is the first book to set out and discuss the science, coaching and history behind judo performance. Evidence-based and informed by the latest research, the book offers practical guidance on preparing athletes for high performance and understanding the core tenets of sport science underpinning it. Featuring contributions from world-leading experts, the book consists of chapters on all aspects of judo performance, including: The historical development of judo and its physical, intellectual and moral role Physical preparation for competition, coaching and training strategies Skill acquisition, talent identification and development Nutrition and lifestyle of judoka Performance analysis and biomechanics Injury epidemiology and prevention Special considerations for female and young judoka Clearly written and accessible, The Science of Judo provides upper-level students and researchers, and coaches and sport science staff working with judoka, with the most thorough and authoritative reference on sport science applied to judo currently available. Part 1: History and Education 1. Historical Development of Judo (M. Callan and S. Bradic) 2. Judo as A Physical, Intellectual and Moral Education (M. Callan) 3. Kata Training for Judo: Value and Application of Judo Kata to Judo Training (S. Bradic and M. Callan) 4. Judo Injuries Epidemiology and Prevention (N. Malliaropoulos) Part 2: Development 5. Judo for children (S. Bradic) 6. Talent identification, development, and the young judo player (G. Bountakis, Y. Kanamaru and A. Burns 7. The Skill Acquisition Process for Judo - Building to A Constraints Led Approach (D.n Warner and Y. Kanamaru) 8. Considerations for the Female Judoka (X. Janse de Jonge) Part 3: Competition 9. Competition Demands of Judo (X. Janse de Jonge) 10. Athlete-Centred Coaching (D. Warner) 11. Periodization and Planning of Training for Judo (B. Challis) 12. Physical Preparation for Judo (A. Burns, B. Rosenblatt and A. Macdonald) 13. Psychological Preparation for the Judoka (R. Prosoli and R. Baric) 14. Notational Analysis for Judo (B. Challis and L. J. Mataruna-Dos-Santos) 15 Biomechanics of Judo (M. Callan) 16. Nutrition and weight management for judo (M. Callan)
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Subjects: judo sport science training science sport psychology training coaching load organization training planning analysis competition biomechanics nutrition regulation weight body pedagogics education child talent skill female male
Notations: combat sports junior sports social sciences biological and medical sciences technical and natural sciences
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