The effects of acute dietary nitrate supplementation on anaerobic power of elite boxers

BACKGROUND: Beetroot juice (BJ) has been recently used by athletes for improving sports performance. BJ is supported by studies that increase the aerobic power, but the effects on anaerobic power are still controversial. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of acute dietary nitrate (red beetroot juice) supplementation on arm anaerobic power parameters, fatigue and recovery levels in elite male boxers. METHODS: Using a single-blind, repeated-measures crossover design (5 days washout period), eight elite male boxers (23±2.28 years, 174.83±11 cm, 76.66±19.37 kg, experience: 10.5±0.5 years and still active) participated as volunteers in the study. Participants were undertaken a 30-s anaerobic Wingate Test after consuming BJ (2 g/kg body weight) or placebo (PLA). Heart rate (HR) and capillary blood lactate levels were measured before and immediately after the Wingate test (fatigue) besides that HR and lactate levels were recorded at 10th, 15th, 30th, 60th, 90th minutes for following the recovery levels of participants. RESULTS: Despite no effects of BJ on the blood lactate levels and heart rate (except fatigue time), significant decline was found on peak power, relative peak power, mean power and relative mean power for BJ (P<0.05). CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that acute dietary nitrate supplementation has not a positive effects on anaerobic power or recovery of elite male boxers.
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Subjects: nutrition boxing high performance sport supplementation performance anaerobic male
Notations: combat sports biological and medical sciences
DOI: 10.23736/S0025-7826.19.03362-3
Published in: Medicina dello Sport
Published: 2019
Volume: 72
Issue: 2
Pages: 225-233
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced