CoachAI: A project for microscopic badminton match data collection and tactical analysis

Computer vision based object tracking has been used to annotate and augment sports video. For sports learning and training, video replay is often used in postmatch review and training review for tactical analysis and movement analysis. For automatically and systematically competition data collection and tactical analysis, a project called CoachAI has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. The proposed project also includes research of data visualization, connected training auxiliary devices, and data warehouse. Deep learning techniques will be used to develop video-based real-time microscopic competition data collection based on broadcast competition video. Machine learning techniques will be used to develop tactical analysis. To reveal data in more understandable forms and to help in pre-match training, AR/VR techniques will be used to visualize data, tactics, and so on. In addition, training auxiliary devices including smart badminton rackets and connected serving machines will be developed based on the IoT technology to further utilize competition data and tactical data and boost training efficiency. Especially, the connected serving machines will be developed to perform specified tactics and to interact with players in their training.
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Subjects: badminton competition analysis video visualization tactics computer software hardware
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Published: 2019
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