Prueba de resistencia al golpeo en boxeadores juveniles de alta calificación. Análisis según pesos corporales

(Punch resistance test in high qualified juvenile boxers. Analysis according to body weights)

Biomedical tests are required to identify the characteristics of sports performance in relation to the specific physical training of the boxer. Material and methods. A descriptive study was carried out with the first figures of National Youth Boxing Preselection, taking as a working protocol the beating test applied by the coaches in the systematic pedagogical evaluation of these athletes. Results: The realized work consisted of 729 ± 181 strokes (light 717 ± 157, medium 747 ± 231 and heavy 72 3 ± 159), with significant differences between rounds (p = 0.001). Heart rate pre and post test were 82.6 ± 6.0 bpm and 195 ± 7.6 bpm, with pre and post significant differences between weight groups (p = 0.01). Lactacidemia pre and post load were 2.70 ± 1.2 mmol / L and 12.2 ± 2.60 mmol / L with significant increases (p = 0.001). Conclusion. Results of this preliminary version of test, shows the convenience of its improvement and application for the orientation and reorientation of the boxers special preparation.
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Subjects: boxing junior elite sport Cuba technique performance test diagnostics weight heart rate heart frequency lactate
Notations: combat sports junior sports biological and medical sciences
Published in: Revista Cubana de medicina del deporte y la cultura fisica
Published: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
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