Key table tennis skills indicative of professional mastery

The article analyzes the ways to improve the academic physical education and sport service quality in application to the optional table tennis course; and considers findings of an empirical study to assess the role of the key skills critical for success in table tennis. The authors polled experts to rank the qualities of the table tennis masters versus amateurs, with the leading tennis players (qualified Masters of Sport and Class I-III Athletes, plus winners of table tennis competitions) joining the poll. The key skills of a tennis table professional were ranked as the match planning; fast reprogramming; and excellent action disguising skills – with every skill needed to outwit the opponent. The amateur player’s drawbacks were listed as follows: excessive concerns about win or defeat; and easy distractibility – indicative, among other things, of the emotional imbalance of the athletes. It was found that the key skills are critical for progress, top mastery and stress tolerance in the modern table tennis.
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Subjects: table tennis performance requirement sports technical skill personality
Notations: sport games
Published in: Theory and Practice of Physical Culture
Published: 2019
Edition: Russischer Originaltitel: Sekretnye priemy v nastol'nom tennise kak pokazatel' professional'nogo masterstva tennisista
Issue: 4
Pages: 70-73
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced