Training load and injury incidence over one season in adolescent Arab table tennis players: A pilot study

Background: It has been established that injury incidence data and training load in table tennis is somewhat limited. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to analyze and report training load and injury incidence. This was established over a full season in highly trained youth table tennis athletes. We further aimed to establish what variables related to training load have a statistically significant effect on injury in youth table tennis. Methods: Data was collected from eight male adolescent table tennis players of Arabic origin. Training and game time were monitored continuously throughout each training session and match. Heart rate was measured throughout and then subsequently analyzed to quantify internal training load. Results: Players were subjected to an average of 1901 h 33 min ± 44 h 30 min of training time and 140 h 0 min ± 11 h 29 min of game time over the season. Overall injury incidence was 8.3 (95% CI: 4.6 - 12.0), time-loss injuries 4.4 (95% CI: 1.9 - 6.9) and growth conditions 2.0 (95% CI: 0.6 - 3.3) per 1000 hours. Internal training loads quantified via the Edwards training impulse equation were significantly different between training weeks (P = 0.001), with lowest values around competition periods (P < 0.05). For every extra auxiliary unit of relative training load per minute during training, a significant increase (P = 0.014) in injury occurrence was present. Conclusions: Most of the injuries occurred during the first quarter of the year (65%), when training loads were highest. In conclusion, the results of this preliminary study showed that training loads increase during a season until competition period, with relative training load per minute being linked to the likelihood of injuries. The rate of overuse injuries and growth-related conditions were higher than previously reported in adolescents in other racket sports.
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Subjects: training load load volume relation table tennis junior elite sport injury sports medicine
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DOI: 10.5812/asjsm.84592
Published in: Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Published: 2019
Edition: 10. Juli 2019
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
Pages: e84592
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