Athlete learning in elite sport. A cultural framework

(Das Lernen der Sportler im Spitzensport. Ein kultureller Rahmen)

Elite athletes lead a particular way of life, which creates significant learning and shapes their selves. This is the first sociological-pedagogical text to conceptualise athlete learning in elite sport and across athletic careers. It outlines theories of learning and argues for a cultural perspective capturing contextual influence, temporal changes, individual dispositions, and subjectivity. Presented in three parts—landscaping elite sport and theorising athlete learning; showcasing athletes’ learning in elite sport; and informing research and practice—the book features nine international, multi-contextual, and multi-experience case studies of athlete careers, experiences, and learning across individual and team sports such as boxing, rugby, basketball, hockey, and gymnastics. Content Part I: Landscaping Elite Sport and Theorising Athlete Learning Contemporary Elite Sport Landscape (N. Barker-Ruchti) Existing Theories of Learning (N. Barker-Ruchti) Cultural Perspective of Learning (N. Barker-Ruchti) Part II: Showcasing Athletes’ Learning in Elite Sport Maintaining a dual career horizon in women’s artistic gymnastics: A case of a female gymnast (A. Schubring, N. Barker-Ruchti, R. Kerr, G. Cervin, M. Nunomura) Learning through boxing: A case of a male boxer (C. Matthews) Learning through a semi-professional career and deselection: A case of a male ice hockey player (G. Kerr) Career learning in youth elite biathlon: A case of a male biathlete (A. Schubring) Learning through rugby, migration and a professional career: A case of a male rugby player (R. Kerr, K. Kobayashi) Aging in professional sport: A case of a professional male basketball player (L. Purdy, G. Kohe, R. Paulauskas) The implications of sport attire and culture on Muslim women’s participation in elite boxing: A case of a female boxer (A. Tjønndal) The experience of an international female rugby player (F. Cavallerio, K. McDonald) An auto-ethnographic account of one athlete’s journey to reconciling gender diversity through elite boxing: A case of a gender non-binary boxer (A. Greey, N. Barker-Ruchti) Part III: Informing Research and Practice Insights and Implications for Research and Practice (N. Barker-Ruchti) Final Reflections
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Subjects: athlete high performance sport elite sport apparatus gymnastics boxing icehockey biathlon rugby basketball personality personality development junior elite sport female male motivation stress experience selection learning development individual team
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