Training for rugby

This brand new 86-page report presents you with a rare opportunity to assess the latest sports science research on rugby training and conditioning for yourself – and decide how best to integrate it into your daily and weekly programmes. Read Training for Rugby today and here are some of the facts you’ll learn: How can coaches adapt aerobic and anaerobic training to meet the needs of players in different positions on the field? What’s the best way to enhance your ability to turn at high speed without injury? Which exercises specifically enhance a player’s ability to avoid tackles – or break straight through them if need be? How can rugby forwards make sure they get maximum benefit from time spent in the weights room? Which forms of pre-match conditioning are most responsible for sports injury – and should therefore be kept to a minimum? What’s the best way to adapt weight training programmes for youth players?
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Subjects: rugby sports game training training planning training session strength flexibility male female junior elite sport injury damage sports medicine coaching load aerobic anaerobic recovery training science
Notations: sport games training science
Editors: S. Bordidd
Published: Salisbury Peak Performance Pub. 2005
Pages: 100
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