Analysis of vegetative homeostasis state of elite handball players

Purpose: to study characteristics and dynamic of elite handball players’ physiological indicators. Material: In experiment elite handball players (n=112, age 18-35 years) participated. For determination of vegetative homeostasis state we analyzed variability of heart rhythm. The researches were conducted in laboratory conditions in rest state, in lying position during 5 minutes. Results: it was found that organism’s adaptation reactions to training loads go with different tension of regulation systems. At the end of competition period there appears hyper-kinetic syndrome. It witnessed insufficiency of means, which permit to maintain optimal regulation of cardio-vascular system and increase its functional potentials. Conclusions: indicators of cardio-vascular system and their dynamic witnessed maintaining of high level of handball players’ organism hemodynamic provisioning. High level of vegetative homeostasis pointed at certain degree of sportsmen’s fitness. Such state is sufficient for preservation of high potential of sympathetic -adrenaline system and overcoming of fatigue processes.
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Subjects: handball high performance sport elite sport blood heart rate heart rhythm regulation circulation fatigue load
Notations: sport games biological and medical sciences
DOI: 10.15561/18189172.2015.12012
Published in: Pedagogics, psychology, medical-biological problems of physical training and sports
Published: 2015
Volume: 19
Issue: 12
Pages: 82-86
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Language: English
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