Variations of the jump under the barbell in the snatch and the clean

Two major variants (1 & 2) of jumping under the barbell in the snatch and the clean are similar, but with subtle distinctions. The 'action - reaction', technique of forcefully pulling hips up and raising feet (variant 1) would appear to be the best strategy of jumping under the barbell in the snatch and the clean. The concerted action of flexing at hip, knee, ankle and pulling feet up, adds acceleration to downward shifting of the pelvis. These actions add vertical acceleration to the barbell. Furthermore, the longer the feet are in the air the faster the descent. So, all outcomes are positive. The feet rise from the platform the trunk drops fast, the barbell goes up. Variant 2 is likewise and effective method of jumping under the barbell. This variant is most often observed in female lifters. The super elite and elite female deploy the features of female biomechanics and physiology to compensate for less muscle mass and speed of recruitment of muscle fibers, often referred to as electro - mechanical delay; with a faster relaxation of muscles. The outcome can be very fast descent coupled with a very low squat position.
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Subjects: strength weightlifting technique snatch movement biomechanics movement co-ordination
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Published in: EWF Scientific Magazine
Published: 2018
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