Effects of autogenic and imagery training on the shooting performance in biathlon

It is discussed how a special training programme with autogenic and imagery training (AT+IM) can influence the shooting performance in biathlon. The experiment was carried out with 16 biathletes from the French national team (4 women, 12 men). The results show that this training program with AT+IM offers value improvements in the standing shooting by increasing biathletes' postural control and hold stability. This improvement in shooting would result in a time gain estimated at 35 s in a 10-km-race and 70 2 in a 20-km-race.
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Subjects: biathlon shooting autogenic training sport psychology psychoregulation
Notations: biological and medical sciences social sciences
Published in: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Published: 2003
Edition: Reston 74(2003)3, S. 337-341, 1 Abb., 1 Tab., Lit.
Volume: 74
Issue: 3
Pages: 337-341
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced