The development of training method for automatic shooting behavior in competition

The purposes of this study were; 1) to develop a training method allowing Korea national team marksmen to best perform in competition, and 2) to examine the effects of this method. Two trap shooters and two air rifle shooters were served as subjects. Visualization, shooting-cues, and best shooting times were provided for 12 weeks to them. Coaches provided the athletes with the information mentioned above in order that they could adapt to the method. The effects of this method were examined quantitatively(shooting scores) and qualitatively (4 times of depth interviews). The results revealed that stability of shooting and self-confidence were enhanced. In addition, subjects reported that they came to realize the unconscious and automatic shooting patterns without immoderate forces in order to perform appropriately as a result of adaptation to this program. These results suggest that this method (i.e., the automatic shooting behavior accompanied by shooting-cues) could be a desirable method to enhance shooting performance in the competition. Limitations and further implications were discussed for future studies.
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Subjects: shooting rifle shooting competition training high performance sport elite sport training method training means movement co-ordination movement precision movement conception behaviour visualization sport psychology
Notations: technical sports training science
Published in: International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences
Published: 2009
Volume: 21
Issue: 1
Pages: 132-155
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced