The effects of activated-oxygen water on the oxygen-consumption compensation of elite shooting athletes competing at high altitude

Introduction: The object of this paper was to investigate increased oxygen consumption resulting for shooting competitions under a stressful and high altitude (plateau) environment (altitude 2200m). The present study introduced a specific intervention by monitoring SaO2 and heart rate (HR) of the elite shooting athletes before and after drinking “Activated Oxygen Water” during the co mpetition on the plateau. Methods Five elite male rifle shooting athletes (average age 22.17±2.48y and average training experience 6.83±1.94y) participated in the 2007 National Shooting Championship held in Duoba, Qinghai Province (altitude 2200 m) were used as subjects. A shooting rehearsal took placed at sea level 3 days prior to the high altitude competition. Athletes participated in the rehearsal without the Activated Oxygen Water intervention. A 2-day adaptation period in plateau was implemented before competition. On the third day, which was the first day of competition, all 5 athletes were administrated with 500mL high-oxygenated water (20mg O2/L) during the competition. A dynamic monitoring process of SaO2 and HR was carried out for rehearsal, adaptation and competition stages. Results The results collected during the rehearsal stage indicated that the stress from rehearsal could significantly decrease SaO2 level (p < 0.05). Athletes’ HR before (p<0.05) and immediately after (p<0.001) rehearsal increased significantly as compared to their basic level in plain. The results also showed that the plateau environment could result in a significant decrease of SaO2 (p=0.001) with the difference ranging from 4.18 to 7.42%, and a significant increase of HR (p<0.05) with an average increase of 17.8 bpm, compared to the basic level in plain. With the Activated Oxygen Water intervention during the plateau competition, the SaO2 after competition slightly increased from 92.4±0.89% to 93.8±1.92%. As time of oxygen absorption in the body was prolonged, the SaO2 in “20 minutes after competition” stage rapidly went up to 96.2±1.30%, which was very close to the basic level of SaO2 in plain. This SaO2 concentration is significantly greater than immediately after the competition (p=0.01) and the adaptation period in plateau (p=0.01). The HR level before and immediately after the plateau competition was both higher than the plateau basic HR level, which was similar to the HR change in the plain rehearsal stage. It indicated that the pressure from competition could cause the increase of HR. However, after administrating oxygenated water during the competition, the HR level significantly decreased within 20 minutes after the competition. It returned to the basic value of plateau adaptation stage. Conclusions The value of SaO2 and HR, which reflect the level of oxygen consumption, showed an evident correlation with competitive and environmental stress. Both competition and environmental stress can lead to an increase of oxygen consumption, which can produce central nervous system fatigue. The Activated Oxygen Water intervention in plateau shooting competition can effectively inhibit the increase of oxygen consumption caused by nerve fatigue. The Activated Oxygen Water intervention quickly compensates the decrease of SaO2 and the increase of HR caused by highland environment and competition stress. The finding shows that the high-oxygen water intervention is a very effective and rapid oxygen consumption compensation means and nervous fatigue recovery measure.
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