Influence of the level of development of motive qualities on the technique of ski styles and shooting of 14-16-year-old biathletes

Purpose: to define influence of separate motive qualities on technique of performance of ski styles and shooting of 14-16-year-old biathletes. Material: 15 leading biathlon coaches of Ukraine participated in researches, among which questionnaire is conducted for the purpose of definition of significant different physical qualities for achievement of the maximum sports results of 14-16-year-old biathletes. The factorial contribution of indicators of motive qualities and functional state as a result of races and shooting of young biathletes aged 14-16 (by results of testing of 21 young biathletes) is defined. The correlation dependence between technique of different skating styles (skating without poling; simultaneous without step; simultaneous single-step; simultaneous twostep; alternate two-step) and shooting in the prone position and shooting in the standing position, and physical qualities and tests of static and dynamic balance of young biathletes at the age of 14, 15 and 16 years is established. Research methods: analysis and synthesis of data of special scientifically-methodical literature, polls, questioning, pedagogical testing with determination of the level of development of motive qualities (takeoff force by two hands; bending and extension of hands in emphasis, lying for 30 s; triple jump; standing longjump; shuttle run 4x9 m) and results of shooting (dynamic balance 2, vestibular-static test; tremorography, test of Romberg, test "Biryuk", balance "Lastivka", goniometry, reaction to sound signal, reconstruction of time 5 s, differentiation of effort 50% of max); medicobiological indicators (HR PANO, ANAMC, AMC, MCO). Conclusions: the defined correlation interrelations give the chance to develop physical qualities at creation of educational-training classes, which are the main, when carrying out ski, shooting and complex training of young biathletes at the age of 14-16 years.
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Subjects: biathlon cross-country skiing shooting technique junior elite sport youth balance diagnostics performance diagnostics
Notations: endurance sports junior sports
DOI: 10.7752/jpes.2017.04303
Published in: Journal of Physical Education and Sport
Published: 2017
Volume: 17
Issue: 4
Pages: 2643-2648
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced