The organization of air exchange of ski tunnel

The purpose of this work was to develop one of the possible options of the air exchange on the section of the ski tunnel track. The object of studying was the ski tunnel designing now in Khanty-Mansiysk city (one of the two ever projected ski tunnels in Russia). Thermotechnical calculation of the walling was made according to the Russian regulations in the fourth chapter. Detailed calculation of the heat loss and the heat gain, calculation of the air parameters of ventilating system and air conditioning system for whole track and for the section of the ski tunnel track were made according to the Russian regulations using Microsoft Excel program in the forth and in the fifth chapters. Numerical simulation of the airflow on the section of the track based on the calculation data was made using Ansys Fluent program in the sixth chapter. As a result of this work parameters of the coolers, parameters of the air, a plan of ventilation allowing to provide required parameters of microclimate were obtained. The received results can be applied as reference material for designing ski tunnels.
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Subjects: skiing cross-country skiing sports facility winter simulation aerodynamics Russia
Notations: sports facilities and sports equipment
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Editors: Saimaan ammattikorkeakoulu
Published: Lappeenranta 2015
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