Injury and Health Risk Management in Sports. A Guide to Decision Making

(Verletzungs- und Gesundheitsrisikomanagement im Sport. Ein Leitfaden zur Entscheidungsfindung)

This book is a comprehensive source of information and guidance on health risk management and medical care across the entire range of sports, in athletes of all ages and ability. General health aspects, injury prevention, first aid and emergency management, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and return to play are all addressed, with presentation of practical recommendations throughout. All medical disciplines with relevance for athletes - from psychological aspects to dermatological issues - are as well as main pathologies, overuse injuries and indications for surgical treatment of all certain parts of the musculoskeletal system, covered. Key features include a clear structure, short chapters in protocol format, and the inclusion of helpful checklists and tips and tricks for a quick and in-depth overview. Detailed attention is paid both to the medical care, specific to injuries of different parts of the body, and to special considerations relating to individual sports. Among the sport disciplines team sports, athletics, winter sports, track and field, martial arts, motor sports and cycling, extreme sports, swimming and water sports, racket sports, other IOC sports, and Paralympic sports are covered. Due to raising population of certain modern non-IOC sports, e.g. E-Sports, beach sports, flying sports and canyoning, and paltry medical information in this disciplines we put a focus on them. The book is a collaborative work from the newly created ESSKA section European Sports Medicine Associates (ESMA), which brings together the various disciplines of sports medicine. It will be an ideal resource and decision-making tool for doctors, athletes, coaches, and physiotherapists.
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Subjects: sports medicine health injury disorder prevention First Aid diagnostics therapy junior elite sport female sport for handicapped sparetime sports elite sport high performance sport health sport overtraining fatigue recovery head vertebral column shoulder locomotor system hand hip joint arm muscle knee leg foot heart circulation infection tooth nervous system eye skin orthopedics sport psychology doping nutrition law weather temperature sports game soccer basketball baseball softball badminton handball volleyball land hockey American football rugby icehockey running long distance running triathlon throws jump track and field winter sports alpine skiing cross-country skiing biathlon snowboarding speed skating bobsledding judo wrestling boxing taekwondo karate fencing combat sport motor sport equestrian sport sport climbing canoeing swimming diving water-polo yachting tennis squash water sports (rowing, canoeing, sailing) table tennis golf rowing shooting archery dancing ballet apparatus gymnastics E-sport
Notations: biological and medical sciences sport games endurance sports strength and speed sports combat sports technical sports
Tagging: return to play Trauma Ellbogen Leiste Screening Faszien Urologie Gynäkologie Hitze Kälte Futsal Skibergsteigen
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-60752-7
Editors: W. Krutsch, H. O. Mayr, V. Musahl, F. Della Villa, P. M. Tscholl, H. Jones
Published: Berlin; Heidelberg Springer 2020
Pages: 804
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