Morphological and motor skills condition among 10-11 year old children engaged in cross-country skiing attending Sports Primary School in Suprasl

Introduction. Cross-country skiing is a sport discipline with different applications in the modern world. It is used in recreation, rehabilitation, tourism and sport as a phycical movement. Objective of the work. The aim of the study was to estimate physical fitness of children aged 10 - 11 years attending sports classes (cross-country skiing profile) with the results of the efficiency grade among students attending unsportsmanlike classes in Sports Primary School in Suprasl. Material and methods. The study involved 50 children attending the Sports School in Suprasl - class 4 students. Each student was supposed to take part in the International Physical Fitness Test. There were the following attempts: 50 metres run, long jump, sitting position from lying down during 30 seconds, the trunkbend in front and 600 metres run. The results of completed studies are presented in tables and figures below. Results. The analysis show that girls practising cross-country skiing are characterized by higher efficiency motor skill compared to their peers, as well as it is easier for them to acquire new motor skills than for boys of their class. For boys the differences that occurred between sports and unsportsmanlike classes was insignificant. Perhaps, it may change in future. Conclusions. Children attending sports classes (cross country-skiing profile) have better motor abilities and acquire new motor skills faster than pupils in unsportsmanlike classes.
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Subjects: cross-country skiing sports for children and youths child sport in schools physique motor skill
Notations: junior sports school sport endurance sports
DOI: 10.12775/JEHS.2020.10.06.007
Published in: Journal of Education, Health and Sport
Published: 2020
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Pages: 68-81
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced