Focused strength and speed-strength trainings of sprinters

The modern 100m sprinters’ training systems make a special emphasis on the speed-strength training component to facilitate the specific strength building in the key muscle groups for competitive success. The functional specialization of the sprinter’s musculoskeletal system shall not be driven by passive adaptation to the specific competitive requirements, with the trainees expected to attain the sport-specific musculoskeletal system anthropometrical characteristics and functionality for competitive success. Objective of the study was to analyze benefits of the focused strength and speed-strength training models to build up the sport-specific lower limb physicality and functionality in sprinters. Sampled for the new strength and speed-strength building 5-month training models testing experiment were 14-15 year-old sprinters (n=28) split up into three groups. The model offered, in addition to the traditional running practices, special lower limb strength building exercises, with the following group specializations: Group 1 made an emphasis on the dynamic exercises; Group 2 on the statistic exercises; and Group 3 on the mixed exercises for the target muscle groups. The study data and analyses showed every of the three group training models (dynamic, static and mixed) being beneficial for the junior sprinters’ strength building purposes; with the static and mixed physical exercises particularly beneficial for the absolute strength rates; dynamic practices – for the speed gradient; and combined dynamic and mixed practices – for the startup strength rate building elements
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Subjects: strength speed strength muscle short-distance running relation training junior elite sport
Notations: strength and speed sports junior sports
Published in: Theory and Practice of Physical Culture
Published: 2019
Edition: Originaltitel der Printausgabe: Vlijanie napravlennosti trenirujušcich vozdejstvij na rost sily myšc junych begunov na korotkie distancii
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