Efekti primjene tromjesenog programa rada na transformaciju antropometrijskih karakteristika odbojkaša seniorskog uzrasta

(Effects of implementation of quarterly work program on transformation of anthropometric characteristics of senior age volleyball players)

The goal of every training work program is acquirement of desired sport form which should be a guarantee of realization of desirable goal, apropos achievement of desired result success. Exactly this research represents authentication of one such training work program, apropos application and monitoring of effects of planned and programed operators on morphological status of senior age volleyball players. This research included 108 senior age volleyball players from volleyball clubs: OK „Student“, OK „Mostar“, OK „Ljubinje“ and HOK „Èapljina“. With the aim of determining presence and level of qualitative changes in the structure of researched morphological area, Factor analysis according to the method of congruence was applied. Acquired results have once more affirmed that application of these and similar content of sport games leads to statistically relevant qualitative changes within structure of researched morphological characteristics. This work has an aim to determine level of qualitative and quantitative changes of morphological characteristics under the influence of applied training work program at senior age volleyball players.
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Subjects: volleyball adults training load relation anthropometry body indices
Notations: sport games biological and medical sciences
Published in: Sportski Logos
Published: 2014
Volume: 12
Issue: 23
Pages: 4-10
Document types: article
Language: Serbo-Croatian
Level: advanced