1. I have registered for SPRINT, but do not receive emails. What could be the reason? #

    There might be different reasons: Unfortunately SPRINT emails are quite similar to spam . Normally they are composed of HTML, in some cases they contain medical terms and they have the header Precedence: bulk, to make sure that reasonable autoresponders do not reply.

    It may happen that your mail server is blocking SPRINT emails. The problem can possibly be solved by switching the SPRINT emails format from (X)HTML to text or you can ask your mail server administrator to whitelist SPRINT emails.

    It might also happen that your email program classifies our emails as spam and automatically moves them to the spam folder. In this case the program needs to learn that is not repeating this wrong action in the future. In case of Microsoft Outlook you need to right-click on the respective SPRINT email in the Junk-E-Mail folder. You can then choose the option add sender to the list of trusted senders.

    It may also happen that your postbox does not accept new emails as it is full. There are mail providers which only offer quite small postboxes.

    Finally it is possible that your retrieval content is very specific or that no retrieval has been set up.

  2. A SPONET link led me to a site which gives access to the full text after registration and/or payment. Is that okay or did I make a mistake or can it be a mistake when entering the link into the database? Is my understanding correct that all links within SPONET are FREE OF CHARGE for the client searching the database? #

    Unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed by SPONET. In general, we had access to the sources in our databases. Many of our clients are given access to a large numbers of full texts via subscriptions and licenses of universities or other institutions. It may happen that it will not be possible to access them, for example from a private computer. In this case the client is free to chose an offered payment option or to use a licensed access. Information about where and how you can use a publication free of charge you can find via EZB or with references on the websites of the respective publisher. We are dedicated to link to a site where the client can find relevant information how to use the database sources.

  3. How can I propose sources from my ENDNOTE collection of literature for input into SPONET? #

    SPeeD is a specific input tool (see link at the bottom of this page). As part of the dialogue you can input your publication data and upload the original document. We work on a procedure for the automatic import of lists which have been prepared with ENDNOTE.

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