Nutritional status and dietary assessment of elite female artistic and rhythmic gymnasts - a case study

(Ernährungsstatus und diätetische Bewertung von Gerätturnerinnen und RSG-Sportlerinnen - eine Fallstudie)

Pre-adolescence and adolescence athletes of aesthetic sports such as artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are at high risk of deficiency in basic nutrients. The increasing demands of puberty combined with the intense daily training without adequate nutrition, exposes the young athletes to growth, severe nutritional deficiencies, problems of emotional nature, dissatisfaction with body image (i.e., obsession with physical appearance), hormonal disorders (amenorrhea), chronic fatigue, osteopenia and especially an increased risk of injuries. The purpose of this study was to assess the dietary intake and identify nutritional deficiencies and/or possible excess intake (unhealthy nutrition), thus potential dietary risks and abnormal eating habits. Self-esteem and perception of body image were also assessed. Two young female athletes, one artistic (AG) and one rhythmic gymnast (RG), members of the Greek national team were surveyed. The dietary history and the 7-day weighed food record protocol revealed an average daily energy intake of 1712 ± 165 Kcal and 1976 ± 219 kcal, respectively (or ~ 42,5 kcal/kg lean mass) and inadequate consumption of carbohydrates. The calcium intake had the highest deviation from the recommended daily requirements. Both athletes reported daily individual weighings. A high number of serious injuries and menstrual dysfunction were also reported with one of the athletes presenting a strong predisposition to nutritional risk factors and pathological eating behaviour, and negative emotions both with the external appearance and the body weight. The use of dietary supplements was not mentioned by any athlete. Therefore, targeted nutritional guidelines and psychological support for young elite athletes are required.
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