Effects of different breathing patterns on biochemical, cardiorespiratory and performance variables in young tennis players

Aim: To investigate the effect of different breathing patterns (spontaneous breathing as a control, hyperventilation and forced exhalation) on biochemical, cardiorespiratory and performance variables following a specific tennis test. Methods: Thirteen trained nationally ranked male tennis participated in this study. In three different sessions the players performed a passing-shot drill test, only modifying the breathing pattern (hyperventilation, forced exhalation or spontaneous breathing) during the recovery periods in randomized and counterbalance manner. Results: No differences were found between the three tests in biochemical variables (pH: F2,12=0.118, P=0.890; pCO2: F2,24=1.24, P=0.307; [HCO3-]: F2,24=3.257, P=0.056; [La-] F2,24=0.179, P=0.838) except for the base excess (BE; F2,24=4.339, P=0.025). On the other hand, ventilation and breathing frequency were different among the test (VE: F2,24=23.134, P<0.001; BF: F2,24=74.633, P<0.001, respectively), while VO2 and heart rate were similar (VO2: F2,24=0.031, P=0.9691; HR: F2,24=1.213, P=0.315, respectively). Finally, no relevant differences were observed for the performance variables, being the mean speed stroke, maximum speed stroke and precision stroke similar between the three tests (F2,36=0.043, P=0.958; F2,36=0.007, P=0.993; F2,36=0.435, P=0.651, respectively). Conclusion: It seems that the performance during a submaximal specific tennis drill is not influenced by the breathing pattern used during recoveries. Therefore, altering breathing pattern does not seem a good strategy to modify the acid-base status or performance during a tennis trial.
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Subjects: tennis junior elite sport youth respiration performance biochemistry heart circulation movement velocity movement precision
Notations: biological and medical sciences junior sports sport games
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Published in: European Journal of Human Movement
Published: 2017
Volume: 39
Issue: 2
Pages: 17-31
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Language: English
Level: advanced