Characteristics of learning and training of elite athletics athletes in Brazil: the perspective of experienced coaches

The present study sought to verify the perspective of the coaches regarding the teaching, learning and training process in Brazilian Athletics. Semi-structured interviews were applied to six Brazilian athletics coaches with participation in the Olympic Games. From the interviews, two categories were defined: formation and development of athletes; talent and longterm training. About the age indicated to start in athletics, the coaches reported that the ideal (f = 56.90%) is that the athlete starts in the sport in the youth. However, they chose not to stipulate a single age group to start in the sport. Characteristics that induce the organization of a work model in athletics (f= 26.14%) were frequent in the speeches. There was a lack of specific parameters on how the profession of coaching should be exercised - in this case athletics - it is necessary to have structures that enable the development of the coach`s career.
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Subjects: coach coaching training learning training planning Brazil track and field age athlete interview long-term performance build-up
Notations: academic training and research junior sports
Published in: Journal of Physical Education
Published: 2020
Volume: 31
Issue: 1
Pages: e3122
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Language: English
Level: advanced