Football of ethics: COVID-19 and the football community`s response

Having discussed the possible changing nature of football in a previous post, with Christoph, I was interested in how the football community has reacted to this pandemic so far. This follow up is to look at just that. In looking at the UK football community, I`ve divided this into what I consider to be the macro and micro issues. The macro issues are those things, for example, that the Premier League, its football clubs and players collectively are doing. Whilst the micro relate to individual actions, smaller clubs or support groups. As with anything like this they can be pretty binary depending on your viewpoint, in that they can either be seen as ethically good or bad.
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Subjects: Great Britain soccer organisation organizing sports federation sports association politics sport politics national moral sports philosophy
Notations: sport games organisations and events management and organisation of sport
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Published in: The Football Collective
Published: 2020
Issue: 12.4.2020
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