Sports-related Fractures, Dislocations and Trauma. Advanced On- and Off-field Management

This exciting, user-friendly text covers everything sports medicine and emergency clinicians need to know when encountering sports-related injuries and trauma, whether on the field or in the office. Divided into eight thematic sections, all aspects of musculoskeletal and other trauma care are described in detail, with each chapter including key points for quick reference. The opening section presents general approaches to sports-related trauma, from initial evaluation and acute management to stabilization, anesthesia and imaging. The different types of fractures and dislocations, as well as musculoskeletal healing complications, are covered in part two. The next three sections then take in-depth looks at bone and joint trauma in the upper extremity, lower extremity and axial skeleton, respectively. Soft tissue and other sports-related trauma comprise parts six and seven - from tendons, ligaments, nerves and more to chest, head and facial injuries. The final and largest section presents sports-specific injuries, covering more than 30 individual and team activities from baseball, basketball and hockey to swimming, sailing and triathalon. Throughout, copious figures, photographs and tables enhance and advance the content for a complete, well-rounded examination of the field. Comprehensive but not complex, Sports-related Fractures, Dislocations and Trauma is a practical, high-yield manual for sports medicine and emergency care specialists, primary care physicians and any other professionals caring for athletes both on the field and in the office. Inhalt: General Approach to Sports Trauma Initial Evaluation, Resuscitation, and Acute Management; Anna L. Waterbrook, Moira Davenport; Pages 3-9 Sports Coverage for Traveling Teams; William J. Moreau, Dustin Nabhan; Pages 11-15 Mass Sporting Event Coverage; Andrew Pasternak, Brian J. Krabak; Pages 17-23 Stabilization, Immobilization, and Transportation; Brenden J. Balcik, Aaron J. Monseau; Pages 25-33 Anesthesia and Acute Pain; Alexander Ebinger, Spencer Tomberg; Pages 35-52 Imaging; Jordan S. Gold, Adam C. Zoga, John C. Hill; Pages 53-67 General Synopsis of Acute Musculoskeletal Care in Sports Anatomy and Physiology; Val Bratinov, Mark E. Lavallee; Pages 71-75 Fracture Types and Definitions; David Cole, Joseph Medellin, Ryan C. Wennell, Mark E. Lavallee; Pages 77-84 Dislocation Types and Definitions; Katherine M. Edenfield, Jocelyn R. Gravlee; Pages 85-96 Musculoskeletal Healing Process; Jessica Devitt; Pages 97-104 Complications; Andrew M. Wood; Pages 105-115 Acute Sports-Related Bones and Joints Trauma: Upper Extremity Clavicle; Armando F. Vidal, Mark F. Riederer, Justin H. Bartley, K. Linnea Welton, Richard Bortz, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 119-142 Scapula; Stephen M. Spadafore, Michelle Wolcott, Darcy Selenke; Pages 143-151 Glenohumeral Joint; Karin VanBaak, Stephanie W. Mayer, Matthew J. Kraeutler, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 153-179 Humerus; Christopher D. Joyce, David Ziegler, Katherine S. Dahab, Jonathan T. Bravman; Pages 181-200 Elbow Joint; Jack Spittler, Adam Seidl; Pages 201-226 Radius and Ulna; Emily A. Sweeney, Andrew John Maxwell Gregory, Jessica J. Wingfield, Frank Scott; Pages 227-247 Carpus; Kyros Ipaktchi, Omar Dimachkieh, Sonia Chaudhry; Pages 249-263 Metacarpus; Rebecca A. Myers, Kyle B. Nagle, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 265-290 Finger; Drew Ashby, Greg Gutierrez, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 291-316 Acute Sports-Related Bones and Joints Trauma: Lower Extremity Pelvis; Yuka Kobayashi, Justin E. Hellwinkel, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 319-340 Hip Joint; Stephanie W. Mayer, Kimberly M. Spahn, Rebecca Griffith; Pages 341-357 Femur; Lauren Oberle, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 359-373 Knee; Geoffrey M. Dreher, Utsav Hanspal, David M. Baxter, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 375-420 Tibia and Fibula; William Denq; Pages 421-436 Ankle Joint; Morteza Khodaee, Matthew Gammons, Kenneth J. Hunt; Pages 437-470 Tarsus; Jennifer D. Stromberg; Pages 471-497 Metatarsus; Nathaniel S. Jones, Ellen Kroin, Adam Schiff; Pages 499-521 Toe; Bryant Walrod; Pages 523-533 Acute Sports-Related Bones and Joints Trauma: Axial Skeletal Cervical Spine; Matthew G. Zmurko, Matthew Gammons, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 537-559 Thoracic Spine; Matthew G. Zmurko; Pages 561-573 Lumbar Spine; Catherine Mygatt Naden, Stephen Huang, Douglas Comeau; Pages 575-588 Stress Fractures; Bradley G. Changstrom; Pages 589-592 Acute Soft Tissue Injuries in Sports Tendons; Sagir Bera, Stephen R. Paul, David Millward; Pages 595-617 Muscles; Alicia Gustafson, Cory A. Newman; Pages 619-630 Ligaments; Daphne Amanda Scott, Yvonne Chow; Pages 631-669 Bursa; Morteza Khodaee; Pages 671-674 Nerve; Benjamin Marshall, Rachel Brakke Holman; Pages 675-681 Vascular; Andrew McBride, Amy M. Singer, Holly Beach; Pages 683-692 Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue; Rajwinder S. Deu, Morteza Khodaee; Pages 693-702 Other Sports-Related Trauma Chest Trauma; Jeffrey P. Feden; Pages 705-713 Abdominal Trauma; Jaron Santelli, Jeremiah W. Ray, Jonathan T. Finnoff; Pages 715-730 Other Sports-Related Trauma Head Injury; Christopher Guyer, Jeremiah W. Ray; Pages 731-751 Facial Trauma; Christopher Hogrefe; Pages 753-802 Soft Tissue Neck Injury; Allison D. Lane; Pages 803-810 Sports-Specific Injuries Aquatic Sports; Jack Spittler; Pages 813-817 Baseball and Softball; Andrew T. Gomez, Ashwin L. Rao; Pages 819-828 Basketball; Deepak S. Patel, Britain O`Connor; Pages 829-832 Boxing; Joshua V. Okon, Christine A. Marschilok, Adam M. Cooper; Pages 833-837 Cheerleading; Stephanie Chu; Pages 839-841 CrossFit; Armando F. Vidal; Pages 843-845 Cycling; Jonathan T. Bravman, Robin H. Dunn; Pages 847-852 Dance; Rajwinder S. Deu; Pages 853-856 Extreme Sports; Matthew J. Kraeutler, Lior Laver, Omer Mei-Dan; Pages 857-864 Field Hockey; Katherine S. Dahab; Pages 865-868 Football; Matthew S. Leiszler, Sourav K. Poddar, Bjorn C. Irion; Pages 869-872 Gymnastics; Stephanie Chu; Pages 873-875 Ice Hockey; Mark F. Riederer; Pages 877-879 Ice Skating; Rajwinder S. Deu; Pages 881-883 Lacrosse; Sameer Dixit; Pages 885-888 Marathons; Brian J. Krabak, Eric T. Chen; Pages 889-894 Martial Arts; Vicki Nelson, Robert Masocol; Pages 895-899 Motor Sports; Luke Widstrom, Jodi M. Blustin; Pages 901-906 Racket Sports; Kylie Adamek, Bradley G. Changstrom; Pages 907-914 Rock Climbing; Abigail Y. Wang, Sameer Dixit; Pages 915-919 Rowing; Andrew T. Gomez, Ashwin L. Rao; Pages 921-928 Rugby; Darcy Selenke; Pages 929-932 Sailing; Jeremy D. Close, Hannah P. Leahy; Pages 933-936 Skiing: Alpine; J. Herbert Stevenson, Kimberly Sikule, Elana Bannerman; Pages 937-940 Skiing: Cross-Country; Kyle B. Nagle; Pages 941-944 Snowboarding; Karin VanBaak; Pages 945-949 Soccer; Morteza Khodaee, Seth A. Mathern; Pages 951-953 Track and Field; James Thing, Volker Scheer; Pages 955-958 Triathlon; Brent C. Pottenger, Sameer Dixit; Pages 959-963 Ultramarathon and Ultra-endurance Sports; Volker Scheer, Martin D. Hoffman; Pages 965-970 Volleyball; Jill N. Tirabassi; Pages 971-974 Weightlifting; Sheila E. Taylor, Mark E. Lavallee; Pages 975-980 Wrestling; Robert Kiningham, Babak Shadgan; Pages 981-984
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