Ripresa dell`attività sportiva in seguito a pandemia COVID-19. Come comportarsi?

(Return to sport after the COVID-19 pandemic. How to behave?)

Italy, and all the world, has recently faced the arduous battle against the spread of a new coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2. This unexpected pandemic dramatically upended all areas of life, leading to a profound change in priorities, both in the medical as well as the social-economic field; and sports is no exception. Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic also walloped the world of sports. Every aspect of sports has been affected, leading professional and amateur leagues to stop their activities, in order to limit the spread of the virus, a painful but mandatory choice. Even the most popular sports in the world had to deal with the massive global threat of SARS-CoV-2. The Italian Sports Medical Federation (FMSI) has recently drawn up a protocol to be implemented when teams will receive from the authorities the permission to return to competitive activities. The purpose of this paper is to deepen the FMSI indications and allow wider dissemination and understanding.
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Subjects: athlete exercise / load tolerance investigation method heart circulation health prevention disease soccer infection virus
Notations: biological and medical sciences
Tagging: Coronavirus
DOI: 10.1714/3386.33637
Published in: Giornale Italiano de Cardiologia
Published: 2020
Volume: 21
Issue: 7
Pages: 514-522
Document types: article
Language: Italian
Level: advanced