Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Qualification regulations. Revised edition, June 2020

These Qualification Regulations (Regulations) describe in detail how athletes and teams can qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in each of the twenty-two (22) sports on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Programme (Games Programme). It provides to the National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), to National Federations (NFs), to sports administrators, coaches and to the athletes themselves the conditions that allow participation in the signature event of the Paralympic Movement. These Regulations present: •an overview of the Games Programme; •the general IPC regulations on eligibility; •the specific qualification criteria for each sport (in alphabetical order); and •a glossary of the terminology used throughout the Regulations. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Programme Overview 3. General IPC Regulations on Eligibility 4. IPC Redistribution Policy of Vacant Qualification Slots 5. Universality Wild Cards 6. Key Dates 7. Archery 8. Athletics 9. Badminton 10. Boccia 11. Canoe 12. Cycling (Track and Road) 13. Equestrian 14. Football 5-a-side 15. Goalball 16. Judo 17. Powerlifting 18. Rowing 19. Shooting 20. Swimming 21. Table Tennis 22. Taekwondo 23. Triathlon 24. Volleyball (Sitting) 25. Wheelchair Basketball 26. Wheelchair Fencing 27. Wheelchair Rugby 28. Wheelchair Tennis 29. Glossary 30. Register of Updates
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