Australian Institute of Sport Chief Medical Officer Dr David Hughes answers your questions

Australian Institute of Sport Chief Medical Officer Dr David Hughes answers questions concerning COVID-19, COVID-19 restrictions and return to sport: From your discussions with government, what is the realistic timeframe for a widespread return to sport - and do you think we will see spectators back in 2020? I don`t think any professional sport should return until the governing body has committed to tough, non-negotiable sanctions on anyone who breaks the rules. Given the fiasco of the NRL return, that doesn`t seem to be happening. Is enough pressure being put on administrators to take a tough stance? Have you differentiated between junior sport and adults in your recommendations? Children have markedly lower rates of infection, transmission and symptoms. Assuming parents of juniors are managed (eg drop off like at school). With states all doing their own thing, how do we ensure we`re following the right rules at the right time? Will there be enough support for club volunteers to understand and manage the various restrictions? Why have the NRL been given exemptions so that they can return on the 28th May? The can only tackle at Level C, yet we aren`t there yet, so how is this possible? Do you see events such as Great Ocean Road marathon (August) and Melbourne marathon (October) being a possibility? My son is desperate to get back to playing soccer. How does the staged approach work for community clubs and what safety measures should I be looking for as a parent?
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